Ms. West has an easygoing, perceptive sense of character and place, and an almost complete allergy to cliché. TIRED MOONLIGHT has some of the romantic melancholy promised in its title, but it’s also full of the oddness and vitality that are essential to the continued promise of American cinema (and American life).

- A.O. Scott - New York Times

- 2015 -

- 76 minutes -



Every town has a post office, lovers, guns, switchblades and beer. You just have to know where to look and when to look the other way. 


Pitting grand landscapes against dinners of fried chicken and the roar of V8 engines on Saturday nights, TIRED MOONLIGHT wanders through Solitaire games (always won), secrets lost in cavernous hearts, and the fifty miles of bad road that always gets you home. 

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Jan - International Film Festival Rotterdam - Rotterdam, Netherlands (Hivos Tiger Award Competition - Nominee)
Jan - Slamdance Film Festival - Park City, UT (Narrative Grand Jury Award)
Jan - San Francisco Indie Fest - San Francisco, CA 
March 12 - RXSM Austin - Austin, TX
March 19 & 21 - New Directors/New Films - NYC, NY 
March 29 - Treefort Film Festival - Boise, ID
April 10 & 18 - Minneapolis Saint Paul International Film Festival - Minneapolis, MN
April 11 & 12 - Wisconsin Film Festival - Madison, WI 
April 18 - Sarasota Film Festival - Sarasota, FL (Jury Prize for Excellence in Cinematography)
April 22 - Timecode: NOLA - New Orleans, Louisiana (Best Narrative Feature)
April 23 & 25 - Festivales De Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Argentina
April 24 - Cal Arts - Santa Clarita, California
May 2 - Montclair Film Festival - Montclair, New Jersey
May 8 & 9 - Maryland Film Festival  - Baltimore, Maryland
May 16 - Little Rock Film Festival - Little Rock, Arkansas
June 4 - Duluth Superior Film Festival - Duluth, Minnesota
June 9 - Northside Film Festival - Brooklyn, NY (Narrative Grand Jury Award)
June 17 - Ragtag Cinema - Columbia, Missouri
June 19 & 21 - Provincetown International Film Festival - Provincetown, Massachusetts 
July 1, 2 & 3 - Filmfest Munchen - Munchen, Germany
July 6 - Syros Film Festival - Syros, Greece
July 10, 13 - Maine International Film Festival - Waterville, Maine
July 30 - Northside Film Festival Winners Screening - Brooklyn, NY
August 28 - Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival - Middlebury, VT
August 28 - Sidewalk Film Festival - Birmingham, AL
Sept 17 - 23 - Museum of Modern Art - NYC, NY
Oct 2-4 - Walker Art Center - Minneapolis, MN
Oct 5 - Festifreak - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Oct 9 - 11 - Filmmaker Magazine 25 New Faces of Film - Tacoma, WA
Oct 13 - Maryland Film Festival, in conjunction with the MICA and JHU film programs - Baltimore, MD
Oct 20-25 - American Film Festival - Wroclaw, Poland
Oct 25 - Flyway Film Festival - Pepin, WI
Oct 26-30 - Vienna International Film Festival - Vienna, Austria
Oct 30 - Vermont International Film Foundation - Burlington, VT
Nov 14 & 15 - Denver Film Festival - Denver, CO
Nov 12 - Cucalorus - Wilmington, NC
Dec 6 - Edinburgh Film Guild - Edinburgh, Scottland

Jan - Toronto, Canada

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Jordan Cronk - Fandor
Tired Moonlight nicely exemplifies the flowering American docu-fiction movement; featuring a cast of both amateurs and professionals engaging in the routine pleasures and particulars of modern day Montana, it’s a work of small moments and natural wonders.

Robert Green - BFI
This is eye-opening filmmaking that must be seen by lovers of movies everywhere but would never, ever get invited to Sundance. I hope that dynamic is changing and we need to keep stomping our feet and waving our arms madly until it does.

Ben Umstead - Twitch Film
Shot to mesmerizing effect on 16mm by Adam Gingsberg, Tired Moonlight effortlessly marries the intimate documentary work of Albert & David Maysles and Les Blank with the more playful fairy tale charms of Czech New Waver Jaromil Jireš. For there is magic in the mundane. Something very human, in all its little quirks, and intangible gestures, arises in the sparse dialogs and summer night partying of West's film. It is something made up of stock-cars and stardust; of mountain rams grazing in RV lots; of the need to look close to the ground, to the caterpillars, and wonder what the cosmos have wrought on our children. 

Josh Mandel - Programmer - Slamdance Film Festival
Tired Moonlight is a love letter to small town Americana oblivious to Facebook, reality tv and diet soda. Like a Bob Dylan song come to life, Britni West’s poetic debut marries lush Montana imagery with endearing characters that society has largely ignored, but viewers won’t soon forget. Every face in this film tells a different story, be it foolish dreams, unrequited love or childhood wonder. Gorgeously shot on 16mm and evoking the grainy naturalism of a Maysles brothers’ documentary, Tired Moonlight casts a spell and doesn’t let go until you can smell the fireworks lighting up the summer nighttime sky. 

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