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We are pleased to present a group exhibition of new works featuring Britni West, Sage Einarsen, Addison Post, and Carolin Pook. Each artist will feature new work in the form of video installations, musical performance, and 2D and 3D photography. Many of the works are inspired by solitude and the American West, exploring vast landscapes and geographic regions as well as the people that inhabit them. 


The work will include a video projection by documentary filmmaker Addison Post, with soundtrack and live performance by violinist and composer Carolin Pook, whose work has been described by the press as postmodern sound architecture with an almost magical intensity. It will also include a number of large and small scale film, photography, and sound installations by filmmakers Britni West and Sage Einarsen

Each of the artists' work will occupy its own space, while melding to create a dissonant landscape of visual and auditory experiences that will be underscored with small moments of bright human wonder.  

video installation.png

Ghost Drift

Addison Post

32m, 2019, Digital Video

Geographic disorientation as practice can be used to explore the bounds of solitude. In this series of reveries, accompanied by Carolin Pook’s latest recording, Gespenster Dances, a ghost haunts deserted landscapes of the past.

A New York Minute 

Carolin Pook

1m, 2019, Digital

A series of one minute still videos of New York City with improvised 4 track violin soundtracks. All tracks are first takes, no exceptions, and recorded on the spot when Carolin gets home. What started out as a daily practice against a composer's perfectionism, by taking the first idea and building a one minute musical fantasia around it, became the nearly impossible search for a forlorn NYC, for sceneries without people in one of the the most populated places on earth.

By Now I've Lived A Thousand Lives

and None of Them Are Mine

Britni West & Sage Einarsen

2019, Digital Video Installation

Video Clips from a Work In Progress

A series of miniature video installations with video clips from a current work-in-progress. Britni and Sage began making this movie in the summer of 2018. Utilizing an open-handed approach to the present moment and focusing on friends, acquaintances, family, and strangers met on railroad tracks all the same, A Thousand Lives is a moment-to-moment gamble on real life glory, a meditation on the electricity of light in the West, and a quiet documentation of the exquisite and fragile details of life, family, deep sadness, deep love, and  revelation.

photo installation.png

Turn on Lights During Eclipse

Sage Einarsen

2018, Film Photo Prints

Series from the Eclipse of 2018

stereo photography.png